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Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance' Free Music Video

When Lady Gaga first released her debut song 'Just Dance' she was dismissed by many as being another wannabe pop starlet who had little talent and no star quality. As the last year has shown, this was a serious underestimation. From the release of her second single 'Pokerface' onwards she has revealed herself to be the next biggest thing in the music industry and definitely an artist to watch. Her wacky sense of fashion and her innovative and provocative routines in her dance videos have also made her a worldwide hit on free music video websites.

Lady Gaga began in the world of production, writing and producing songs for artists such as The Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block and Akon but after rap star Akon heard her singing, he signed her to his Kon Live Distribution record label as a music artist. Soon after she began work on her debut album with producer RedOne and decided it was going to be called ‘The Fame’. The debut single from the first album, ‘Just Dance’ is an up-beat pop song and was nominated for the Best Dance Recording Grammy for it's fantastic dance tempo, catchy lyrics and smooth production. Her second single was her establishing song though as ‘Pokerface’ reached number one in almost 20 countries, including all of the most influential music markets such as the UK, USA and Japan. Not only was the song and content innovative and incredibly catchy, the video showcased her unique sense of style and challenging dance routines. She soon became a favourite on free music video websites. Since then she has released further smash hits including ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Love Game’ and collaborations with Wade and other rap artists. All of these have been incredibly successful and her live performances and festival appearances singing her main hits have propelled her into superstardom. In the UK she has been in the top 40 since January 7th 2009; a remarkable feat for a new artist.

Free Music Video - Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance'

Her album ‘The Fame’ has gone multi-platinum and soon a new version of the album, including more tracks, will be released under the title ‘The Fame Monster’. This bonus version of her original debut seems set to storm the charts again and with the release her 6th single ‘Bad Romance’ from the bonus album she will undoubtedly score another top charting single as the melody and lyrics are catchy and unique. We can only guess what her next music video will entail; undoubtedly free music video websites are anticipating huge ratings for it.

A free music video of Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance' is available on YouTube or by clicking on the free music link here.

A free music video of Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance' is also available on MTV UK or by clicking on the free music link here.

As well as massive chart success and critical acclaim, she is also a favourite within the music industry. The widespread positive response to her recent performance on Saturday Night Live in America showed her to have a huge following amongst fellow celebrities and even from the Queen of Pop herself Madonna. Madonna normally does not appear on such shows but hearing that she had the possibility to work with Lady Gaga she jumped at the chance. Viewers of the skit saw the two divas mocking and play-fighting with each other. Even so, the mutual respect was clear.

With numerous music awards and countless hits on free music video websites, crazy fashion sense, musical genius and innovation, Lady Gaga is easily on track to becoming the next big icon of our generation.

Click here for a free download of Lady Gaga 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)' Pet Shop Boys Remix.

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