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The Beatles 'Rock Band' Trailer Free Music Video

Named by the Guinness World Book of Records as the best-selling entertainers of all time, The Beatles are without question the largest rock band of all time. So, it is only fitting, that they are the sole focus of the latest interactive ‘Rock Band’ game, which has taken the normal aspects of the Rock Band brand but added a purely Beatles track list. For some Beatles fans this game has caused outrage as the complex melodies and talented guitar playing has largely been taken out for the game's purposes. However, the creators have tried to create levels and harmonies that are as close to the originals as possible. Just seeing the epic track list of 45 well-known classics is a testament to the music of The Beatles and by watching their free music videos of hits on-line you can really appreciate their skills as performers too.

The Beatles began their illustrious career back in 1960 as young teenagers, desperately trying to improve their musical skills, express their ideas and get involved with the music scene that was taking off in their home city of Liverpool. After playing some local gigs and getting themselves an unofficial manager, The Beatles landed themselves a residency in Hamburg where they set the music scene on fire. So much so that after their residency was over they repeatedly flew back to the German city as they had such a following. Back in Liverpool they gained popularity and in 1962 their single ‘Love Me Do’ gave them their first top 20 hit. Before long Beatlemania had swept the nation and 6 diamond albums, 23 multi-platinum albums, 39 platinum albums and 45 Gold albums later, the Beatles' popularity is still going strong, even though the band split almost 40 years ago.

Free Music Video - The Beatles 'Rock Band' Trailer

The Beatles Rock Band game is set to allow fans of all generations to access The Beatles' music and, arguably, appreciate it even more than ever before as they will see how complex and well-composed the songs and lyrics are. Some are also viewing the game as a way of bringing their musical genius to a whole new generation of fans, as although they may have heard the songs and seen their free music videos online, it is not the same as taking part in their legacy and learning about their lives. The game is also historically accurate and has even recreated The Beatles's trademark instruments in order to get the right sound and look. Advanced technology also allows you to recreate their world-renowned vocal melodies with a three-part harmony option in the game. There are also additional bonus features allowing you to explore the band's biographies and gain access to rare Beatles photos and audio footage.

A free music video of the trailer for The Beatles 'Rock Band' is available on the official Beatles Rock Band website or by clicking on the free music link here.

A free music video of the trailer for The Beatles 'Rock Band' is also available on YouTube or by clicking on the free music link here.

For a real touch of authenticity you can also choose different locations including the venues of their most famous concerts such as The Cavern Club and even Abbey Road Studios. The graphics on the game are fantastic and the visual team have tried really hard to capture the superstars' mannerisms in their graphic portrayals of them. However if the game gives you a real taste for seeing more of the real thing, during visual footage of their real life famous performances you can check out their huge range of captured performances on free music video websites.

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