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Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz - Number 1 - Free Music Video

Tinchy Stryder is one of the UK's most up-and-coming R&B and underground artists, with his reputation as a masterclass rapper and musician earning him the title of "The Prince of Grime." Already in 2009 Stryder has had a massive hit with Taio Cruz 'Take me Back' and critics and fans alike are awaiting the arrival of his debut album 'Catch 22' on 27th July, as it promises to be full of more dance anthems and grime classics. Tinchy Stryder has also become a fashion icon, making his trademark large letter t-shirts saying "Star in the Hood" a massive trend for this Summer.

Stryder's latest single, 'Number One', is going to be a classic Summer anthem with its dance beat, catchy hook and hot melody, having soared straight to the top spot, staying there for weeks. The song is a collaboration with the other rising UK stars N-Dubz. N–Dubz have been on the music scene for the last few years, even scooping up a coveted MOBO Award before they were even properly signed. N-Dubz have had massive hits such as the dramatic 'Ouch', grimey 'Defeat You', melancholic 'Papa Can You Hear Me' and catchy 'Strong Again'. On the 1st of June their new single 'Wouldn't You' will hit the shelves. Although being an underground act for the last few years, last Summer the band have really blown up and have been featured on Radio 1's Live Lounge, GMTV and many international music shows and their debut album has gone platinum in both the UK and on the continent. They have become so popular that they are one of the most frequently searched artists on free music video websites.

Free Music Video - Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz 'Number 1'

The collaboration of Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz means that glamour and grime have been put together with a combination of great rap lyrics, a sexy look and a great Summer bassline. Potentially the Summer's biggest hit, the video lives up to the song. The music video for 'Number One' is slick and well produced, with stark backgrounds and large 'ones' being combined with fashionable and bright outfits and dancers. Instead of creating a typical rap video with lots of half dressed women and massive cars, the video is sharp and simple which puts more focus on the singers and the song itself. In fact the video fits right in to Tinchy Stryder's fashion ideas, with bright colours, big sunglasses and very white trainers being combined with his trademark Star in the Hood t-shirts. The video has made this look so popular that you can even buy the t-shirts from Tinchy's websites. Dappy is also wearing his trademark hat, which again has become popular with urban fashion followers. With such a great Summer feel-good song and a sharp sleek video, it is not surprising that many free music video sites have had a lot of hits for the number one chart topper 'Number One' by Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz.

A free music video of Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz 'Number 1' is available on Capital FM or by clicking on the free music link here.

A free music video of Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz 'Number 1' is also available on YouTube or by clicking on the free music link here.

Tinchy Stryder UK Tour 2009

Tinchy Stryder's UK tour visits Cambridge, Nottingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Oxford, London, Norwich, Southampton, Manchester, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Warwick, Preston and Sheffield from 17th September to 8th October 2009. Buy tickets by clicking on the ad to the right or by visiting our Concert Tickets page.

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