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The Prodigy - 'Warriors Dance' - Free Music Video

The Prodigy were formed in 1990 by Liam Howlett. Their brand of hard hitting electronic dance has made them popular worldwide, and they have to date sold over seventeen million albums, unparalleled for a dance music band. The band hail from Braintree in Essex and with fellow acts, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers have pioneered the genre.

The Prodigy play a range of styles, including rave, breakbeat, industrial and hardcore, and they have an excellent reputation for high octane live performances. Vocalist Keith Flint's punk-style vocals give the band their hard edge and image, and the dance classic 'Firestarter' will be remembered as much for Flint's scary performance in the promotional video, almost as much as the song itself. The Prodigy have never been afraid of controversy, and 'Smack My Bitch Up' from the album 'The Fat Of The Land' had the politically-correct police heading for the nearest telephone to register a complaint. First coming to the public's attention in the early 1990s, The Prodigy released their first single 'Charly', which reached number 3 in the UK Singles Chart. Much of the music around at the time was popular with clubbers, but did not find much favour with the music press and The Prodigy were one of the first bands to make the press sit up and take notice. 'Experience', the band's first album is now regarded as a landmark release, and the band had by this time distanced themselves from the main dance scene. 'Music For The Jilted Generation', the band's second album entered the chart at number one. Displaying a wider range of styles, the album was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. Liam Howlett continued with his uncompromising plan to situate the band firmly in the 'hard dance' camp. Although commercially very successful, the band refused to take the usual step of appearing on 'Top of the Pops'. However, the band's pop videos were already making them popular across Europe via the MTV channel.

The Prodigy Play Reading Festival and Leeds Festival

In 1996, the band broke the American market with the release of 'Firestarter'. A second single, 'Breathe', continued the success and gave The Prodigy their second number one single in the UK. Both tracks appeared on the eagerly anticipated 'The Fat Of The Land' album in 1997, and the band headlined Glastonbury, cementing their place as one of the most popular bands of the time, reaching number one in both the British and American album charts. A fourth album 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' was released in 2004 and a compilation album 'Their Law' released in 2005. In March 2009, the band released their fifth album, 'Invaders Must Die', from which the single 'Warriors Dance' will be released on 11th May.

The Prodigy are one of the headline bands at the Leeds and Reading Festivals. The band appears at the Leeds Festival on Friday 28th August 2009, and the following day at Reading. The Prodigy will be featuring music from 'Invaders Must Die', in their own special form of live performance, and although weekend tickets are sold out for both events, day tickets are still available.

Free Music Video - The Prodigy 'Warriors Dance'

A free music video of The Prodigy 'Warriors Dance’ is available on MySpace or by clicking on the free music link here.

The Prodigy UK Tour 2009

The Prodigy play the Isle of Wight Festival on 12th June 2009, the Download Festival at Donington Park on 13th June, Rockness, Inverness on 14th June, Live At The Marquee in Cork, Eire on 18th June, Live In The Park in County Down, Northern Ireland on 19th June, the Glastonbury Festival on Sunday 28th June and the Global Gathering Festival in Stratford Upon Avon on 24th July

The Prodigy round up their festival appearances by playing the main stage at the Leeds Festival on Friday 28th August and the Reading Festival on Saturday 29th August. Sold out tickets are for sale via the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival link above or by visting our Festival Tickets page.

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