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Kings Of Leon 'Sex On Fire' Free Music Video

Kings of Leon are a rarity. Not just because they are composed of family members; the band are made up of the Followill brothers and cousin Matthew Followill, but because they have managed to achieve what few bands do, progress. When the band first burst onto the scene, their 2003 debut album 'Youth and Young Manhood' was rated by one reviewer as the "best debut album in the past decade". Quite an accolade to live up to, but that is exactly what they did with their second album, 'Aha Shake Heartbreak'. The first album was raw, the second had more subtlety to it, but more excitingly, here was a band who wrote excellent songs throughout the full album. Kings of Leon had produced two albums which did not have a weak track in either of them. Although the band was from Tennessee, it was British audiences who took to them first, but it was their third album 'Because of the Times' that made them into global players. Again the band managed to produce an album with no weaknesses, and the band was selling out live performances wherever they went. The most recent album 'Only By The Night' gained the band a whole new audience. Again, the Followill clan have managed to produce an album which has built on the previous three albums.

Kings Of Leon 'Sex On Fire' - Best Selling Digital Single of All Time

The first single from the album, 'Sex on Fire', is a driving rock song and has become the best selling digital single of all time. There was a distinctive maturity in Caleb's voice. He admitted to being not too sure of his prowess as a singer in the early days, singing with a self-consciousness which he says was due to the fact that he thought that if he sang differently, people would hear his lyrics and think he was not intelligent because he was from Tennessee. There is no doubt that the last album sees Caleb throw off the shackles to reveal one of the best rock voices around at the moment. With the rest of the band taking on more in terms of harmonies, the band are now a well-rounded unit who produce some soaring melodies. The guitars are neatly arranged to weave into a song, and produce the exciting rhythms that Kings of Leon turn out time after time. They are backed by the excellent economical drumming of Nathan Followill. Each plays what they have to, and no more, like a book that has been well edited, and the result has been some of the most exciting pop music in recent years. 'Only By The Night' allows the band to continue with their experimental side, which surfaced in the third album 'Because of the Times'. That is the thing about Kings of Leon, you never quite know what will happen next.

Free Music Video Kings Of Leon 'Sex On Fire'

A free music video of Kings of Leon 'Sex on Fire’ is available on MyPlay or by clicking on the free music link here.

A free music video of Kings of Leon 'Sex on Fire’ is also available by clicking on the free music link here.

Kings of Leon UK Tour 2009

Kings of Leon play London O2 Arena on 15th, 16th and 30th June and Manchester Evening News Arena on 22nd and 23rd June 2009 before going on to headline the Main Stage at the T in the Park Festival, Balado, Scotland on Friday 10th July. Sold out tickets for all these shows are available by visting our Concert Tickets page.

Already festival favourites, Kings of Leon are headlining the Leeds and Reading Festivals this year, playing the Reading Festival on Friday 28th August 2009 and the Leeds Festival on Sunday 30th August. Sold out tickets are for sale via the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival link above or by visting our Festival Tickets page.

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